Why Should You Purchase A Safe Shower?

The majority of accidents in all homes occur in the bathroom. Of those injuries, the majority are bathtub related (Falling into the tub, falling out the tub, etc.). Thankfully, Safe Shower in Austin wants to relieve you of the stress that can be caused by taking a shower in a slippery and often uneven tub.

Walk-In Safety Showers offer seniors and the handicapped with the most convenient and safe way to take a shower. With sliding doors and a low curb entry, entering and exiting this shower is made simple and is sure to eliminate the likelihood of falling and injuring oneself. our showers also come with handle and seats as requested so that you are constantly covered while you shower.

Safe Showers are also very stylish and will not look out of place or be uncomfortable for guests to shower in. In fact, your guests may be asking your for our number once they experience one of our walk-in showers.

We want our customers to feel relief when entering their shower, not panic. If you are interested in learning more about Safe Showers, come out and see what a real, Safe Shower should look like. For your convenience these showrooms are located in Austin and San Antonio. We would be happy to help you decide on what amenities you should have included in your safe shower. For more information, call us today.

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