How to Make a Bathroom Safer for an Elderly Parent

As our parents age, their safety and security can become a primary concern. This often takes precedence in the bathroom, How To Make A Bathroom Safer For An Elderly Parentwhere slipping and falling is a common occurrence among the elderly. With this in mind, outfitting their bathroom with proper safety precautions is key

Making the Bathroom Safe

At Safe Showers, we are known for unparalleled workmanship. In fact, all of our projects are completed by our skilled team of installers and all plumbing work is dong by a master plumber.

We have the necessary knowledge and skillset to outfit your elderly parent’s bathroom with smart safety solutions, including:

A Low Shower Threshold

A 2-inch or 4-inch threshold is perfect for a walk-in shower or a walk-in tub. A low threshold makes for easy entering exiting. This also takes away the risk of stepping over a high tub wall, which can often lead to slipping.

Grab Bars

Conveniently and strategically placed grab bars can function as an accessible and reliable balance system that reduces the risk of falling and enhances stability.

Slip-Resistant Floors

Installing slip-resistant floors in bathroom wet-areas is a wise choice, as they will minimize safety concerns about walking on wet tiles.


Installing a shower chair or a teak fold-down seat can help with balance and function as a comfortable spot to enjoy the bath or shower without the strain of standing or resting on a hard surface.


Certain accessories, such as shelving, can keep your soaps and shampoos organized and off the floor. This prevents the chance of tripping on anything placed on your shower floor or in the tub basin.

Securing a Safe Lifestyle

Caring for an elderly parent can bring on plenty of stress and concerns. But take heart. Safe Showers installs premium walk-in showers with an abundance of features and options to make bathing safe and convenient for seniors allowing them to age gracefully in their home. For more information, contact Safe Showers today.

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