What Are the Benefits of a Safe Shower Remodel?

For seniors aging in place, veterans, or those with mobility limitations, moving around the bathroom can sometimes poseWhat Are The Benefits Of A Safe Shower Remodel as a challenge. With wet-surfaces, balance is not always easy—and nobody wants to contend with the ramifications of a slip and fall.

Safe Shower Features

If you are interested in finding a solution to your outdated and often times mold and mildew laden bathroom, then consider the benefits of a safe shower remodel. A project such as this can make all the difference, and greatly impact the practicality of your bathing area.

For example, when you opt for a safe shower remodel, you can expect the following:

  • Slip-resistant floors that will help you navigate your shower with ease
  • Brand new modern design with solid surface walls and shower base and no grout
  • Grab bars that are conveniently and strategically placed in your shower
  • Shower thresholds that are 2 to 4-inches tall, eliminating the risk of stepping over a high tub wall
  • Tempered glass shower doors that are easy to clean
  • An adjustable shower chair that is installed at no additional cost with your shower replacement
  • The optional upgrade of a comfortable teak fold-down seat
  • Completion within about one to two days

And with every safe shower remodel, don’t forget to consider choosing additional organizational accessories, such as shelving, in order to keep your soaps and shampoos off the floor and out of your walking path.

When it comes to a safe shower remodel, the professionals at Safe Showers are here to help. We proudly work with homeowners that are looking for ways to improve their bathing experience and have peace of mind the next time they walk into their shower. Contact our friendly and helpful team to learn more about the benefits of the safe showers we install.

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