What Is a Safe Shower?

When you take a shower, do you ever feel nervous, thinking there is a chance you could slip and fall on the wet, slick tiles?Shower outfitted with a seat, grab bar, and shelving This is a common concern with homeowners who are aging in place, have mobility limitations, or simply feel their balance may be compromised when navigating a wet surface. This is understandable and a concern that can be addressed with a safe shower.

What to Expect with a Safe Shower Enclosure

A safe shower enclosure is equipped with features that ensure improved balance and stability when utilizing the wet area of your bathroom. To improve the safety of your shower, various options are available, including: https://safeshowers.com/tub-to-shower-conversion/

  • Slip-resistant floors that help with balance and stability when walking around the wet shower pan
  • Grab bars, which can be strategically installed throughout the shower enclosure and function as a reliable support system
  • Shower thresholds that are 2 to 4 inches high, eliminating the hazard of stepping over a high tub wall
  • An adjustable shower chair or another comfortable seating option, so you can sit, regain your balance, and have peace of mind knowing you won’t have to force yourself to stand for the duration of your shower
  • Storage accessories such as shelving, which keep your soaps and shampoos off of the floor

“Give Us a Call Before You Fall”

Essentially, a safe shower enclosure is equipped with features that will help you bathe with comfort, ease, and security. To learn more about the benefits and importance of a safe shower, contact us at 210-655-1111 to learn more about the safety features we install, in addition to our current promotions and financing options, as well as special discounts for seniors and veterans.

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