How Can I Make a Walk-In Shower More Senior Friendly?

Are you looking to age in place and want to make your walk-in shower more senior friendly? OrA large bathroom with a white walk-in shower perhaps you are already of an older age and want to update your bathroom so it matches your current safety wants and needs. Regardless of the situation, having a walk-in shower that is properly equipped with appropriate safety features is critical.

Top Ways to Make Your Shower Senior Friendly

Here is a list of ways to make your walk-in shower senior friendly:

  • Slip-resistant floors, as they will help you maintain your footing when navigating the shower enclosure
  • Grab bars strategically installed throughout the shower enclosure because they can greatly assist with stability
  • A threshold that is just 2 to 4 inches high, eliminating the hazard of tripping over a high tub wall
  • An adjustable shower chair or a teak fold-down seat, so you can sit in the shower at moments when you feel you need to rest and regain your balance
  • Storage accessories, such as shelving, so you can keep everything organized and avoid the possibility of tripping over your bathing paraphernalia, such as soaps, shampoos, and conditioners

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To learn more about the walk-in showers we install for seniors, contact Safe Showers at 210-655-1111. We look forward to answering any questions you may have. And when you give us a call, our team will go over our current promotions, financing options, and the additional discounts we offer to seniors and veterans.

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