How Do Seniors Modify a Shower?

A sleek, modern bathroom with a walk-in shower
If you love your home and plan on aging in place, it is important to plan ahead and update your residence so that it is equipped with appropriate safety features. Additionally, if you are already a senior and want to feel confident and comfortable in your home, investing in accessible adjustments is a smart move. This advice is especially relevant to the bathroom—namely navigating your shower enclosure.

A shower enclosure that has not been equipped with safety features is a fall waiting to happen. In order to prevent any issues, seniors should modify their shower so that it better meets their functional and safety needs.

What You Can Do

Here are a few ways you can modify your shower enclosure to make it more accessible:

  • Slip-resistant floors that will help you maintain your footing when navigating the shower enclosure
  • Grab bars strategically installed throughout the shower enclosure, as they can greatly assist with stability
  • An adjustable shower chair or a teak fold-down seat, so you can take a seat when you feel you need to rest and regain your balance

Opting for storage accessories, such as shelving, is also a smart move. Storage options can help you organize your belongings and keep everything off the floor—a cluttered shower basin can present plenty of tripping hazards, so it is best to keep this space clear.

Contact a Company That Can Help

To learn more about how you can modify your shower to better accommodate your needs as you age in place, contact Safe Showers at 210-655-1111. We proudly install walk-in showers for seniors, and we look forward to answering any questions you may have.

Additionally, when you give us a call, our team will go over our current promotions, financing options, and the additional discounts we offer to seniors and veterans.

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